FOB Watch Carrier

FOB Watch Carrier
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Your Time Timer® Watch lets you take your visual timer on-the-go anywhere in the world. With your visual timer at your side, it’s your chance to make your mark on the world. So why shouldn’t it express your style? In addition to the enhanced functionality and longevity built into the new and improved Time Timer® Watch, this product line now offers the option to attach your favorite Time Timer® watch face to a lanyard or backpack.

Once you’ve chosen the size you need (Large/Adult or Small/Youth), customize your Time Timer® Watch to accommodate your needs with this new accessory. Remove the bands completely and place the watch face in the new FOB accessory, allowing you to wear your watch on a lanyard, backpack, or purse. 

Time Timer Watch FOB
Available in Caribbean Blue
Fits both Large and Small Watch Faces

Used as an interactive teaching tool, this classroom-tested teaching aide reinforces the sense of elapsed time with a graphic depiction of the time remaining. The Time Timer can be used to set time limits, measure the duration of activities and train students to make better use of available time.

Benefits of using a Time Timer include:

  • Increased productivity by breaking tasks or activities into manageable time segments
  • Managing the stress of travelling or waiting by showing “how much longer”
  • Reducing conflicts when turn taking, transitioning between activities and managing screen time
  • More relaxed classroom, family and household routines
  • Helping keep appointments and meetings on time

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