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With over a decade of providing autism resources to New Zealand schools, ECEs and families of children with autism spectrum disorder, we offer a wide selection of books, visual timers and sensory products through our online store. 100% owned and operated in New Zealand, we  pride ourselves in providing high quality products, exceptional customer service and fast shipping NZ wide. 

NZ's Largest Range of Time Timers

Stocking New Zealand's largest range of Time Timer products especially suited for children and adults with ASD, selecting the best visual timer for an individual's needs has never been easier.

A Time Timer provides a visual way to judge how much time is left without the requirement of being able to tell the time. With high colour resolution, large dial numbers, and an ultra-quiet quartz movement, users can clearly see how much time they have left to start, complete or finish a task. Through better time awareness and management, users can experience increased independence, improved self-esteem and lower levels of stress and anxiety.  

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