Time Timer MOD - 120 minute

Time Timer MOD - 120 minute
The popular Time Timer MOD is now available in an 120 minute duration. Perfect for test taking, studying, and long reading and writing assignments.
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120-Minute Visual Timer 

By popular demand, the Time Timer MOD - Education Edition now comes in a longer 120 minute duration. In the calming color of purple, this desktop companion gives you two full hours of visual time representation, helping you reduce procrastination and focus for long periods of time. 

  • Protective Case: Soft White Silicone Case included
  • Silent Operation: Like all Time Timer Products, this timer operates silently. It includes an optional audible alert.
  • Universally designed for neurodivergence - Time Timer products are proven effective for ADHD, Autism and other cognitive differences
  • Free Time Timer Desktop App Download - Includes a free download of the Time Timer Desktop App (US$19.95 Retail Value). Download card included in product. 

What makes this timer an "Education Edition?"

  • Included protective silicone case for more durable use
  • Includes a free download of the Timer Timer Desktop App to compliment the analog visual timer (a US$19.95 retail value) 

Product Description:

Use this silent and discreet timer, with an optional audible alert, to keep your long presentations and lectures on track. Keeping it on a desktop or table while studying or during long writing sessions allows you to see how much time is left with a quick and simple glance, ensuring your flow is not interrupted.

We all have different time management needs, so use this friendly award-winning MOD timer to enhance your time awareness for all your longer-duration tasks and activities: think chores, playtime, test-taking, naptime, studying, meetings, or simply slow roasting your favorite dinner.

Requires 1 AA Battery (not included)

Used as an interactive teaching tool, this classroom-tested teaching aide reinforces the sense of elapsed time with a graphic depiction of the time remaining. The Time Timer can be used to set time limits, measure the duration of activities and train students to make better use of available time.

Benefits of using a Time Timer include:

  • Increased productivity by breaking tasks or activities into manageable time segments
  • Managing the stress of travelling or waiting by showing “how much longer”
  • Reducing conflicts when turn taking, transitioning between activities and managing screen time
  • More relaxed classroom, family and household routines
  • Helping keep appointments and meetings on time

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