Challenging Behaviour and Classic Autism | With Dr Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett

Challenging Behaviour and Classic Autism | With Dr Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett
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Available for 30 days On-demand

Challenging behaviour, including for example hitting, kicking, pushing, shouting, biting, head banging and other forms of self-injury, is distressing for the person with autism, as well as for their families and people who work with them. These behaviours can result in a number of social problems including unsafe home, school and work settings, exclusion from school and community events, and burn-out for parents, carers and professionals.

This course will equip participants to understand the reasons behind the challenging behaviour to working hypotheses that will meaningfully inform a positive behavioural support plan. Participants will learn effective strategies to assist to develop communication tools, teach new behaviours effectively, encourage good social outcomes, accommodate sensory sensitivity and manage strong emotions.


  • 30 days to complete the course
  • 5 hours 27 minutes broken into 4 sessions
  • Downloadable PDF handouts supplied
  • Certificate of completion
  • $230.00 per person

Learn how to identify, cope with and manage challenging behaviour from those on the spectrum.

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